Coming alongside, leading people to a place of seeking, discovering and implementing God's vision for their lives right where they live, work and worship.

Questions and Answers

1. How might we come alongside the Pastor?

Personal Ministry: Our number one priority in coming alongside the pastor is to become a friend who will pray for and with him/her. Along with prayer, to listen to their heart and vision that they believe God has birthed into their hearts so that as we offer any encouragement, it will be given from a spirit of compassion and strengthening.

Practical Ministry: In ministering to the pastor and family in practical ways, we stand ready to not only pray for them but to become a part of the answer in ministering to their personal needs, the needs of the sheep they care for, and the lost they strive to reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ. As we pray, determine, and implement the plan God gives, the pastor’s heart is encouraged.

2. How might we come alongside the Body of Christ?

Depending upon the needs of the Body of Christ and how we’ve been invited to minister to them, determines the strategy we utilize. For example, if we come alongside for the purpose of leading the Body of Christ to come to a place of seeking, finding and implementing God’s specific vision for their lives, we always strive to minister in the power and specific direction of the Holy Spirit. Our heart is to make it a priority in ministry to develop a heart to heart connection with the hearers so that we can fully hear what the Spirit is saying to His church today. And to meet the needs of hurting hearts so they can be set free for personal revival and mission.  Regardless of how we minister in a given situation, we always give opportunity for the hearers to respond in specific fashion in order to be strengthened, encouraged and equipped.

3. How might we come alongside the community?

Interwoven in all of our ministry in some form or fashion is the challenge to the Body of Christ that what we have received from the Lord is not for us to hold on to but to pass on to the unbeliever we know and meet in all of life. This is where one of the major themes of our ministry begins and continues to impact the life and purpose of the local body. Over the last seven years, we have come alongside the local church for the specific purpose of: 1) ministering to hurting hearts and encouragement to move forward in the purposes of God, and 2) bringing them to a place in God where they begin to seek, find and implement God’s specific vision for their personal lives. This in turn brings healing to personal relationships at home, in their neighborhood, work place and place of worship. As the Body of Christ continues to develop personal relationships with each other, sharing their vision with one another, they become intensely focused on coming alongside each other for encouragement and empowerment. As this continues, their vision marries up with the pastors’ heart and vision, resulting in the Body of Christ specifically coming alongside him/her in reaching out to and caring for the unbeliever.