Coming alongside, leading people to a place of seeking, discovering and implementing God's vision for their lives right where they live, work and worship.

3 Strong - Men triad outreach

Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10,12; "But suppose the man who falls down doesn't have anyone to help him up. Then feel sorry for him! One person can be over-powered. But two people can stand up for themselves. And a rope made out of three cords isn't easily broken."


Men pointing men to Christ, leading them to a place of mobilizing and practicing an encouraging faith, a sharing faith and a working faith as they seek and discover personal vision from God.


Our mission is for men to come alongside men, empowered by the Holy Spirit to demonstrate the life of Christ through...

Practicing an Encouraging Faith:

  • Coming alongside the believer, practicing an encouraging faith in Christ through
    • Praying for and with each other
    • Reading and sharing God’s Word
    • Building and enjoying true friendship

Practicing a Sharing Faith:

  • Coming alongside the unbeliever, practicing a sharing faith in Christ through...
    • Building friendships right where we live, work and worship.

Practicing a Working Faith:

  • Coming alongside all men, practicing a working faith in Christ through...
    • Servanthood that demonstrates practical acts of kindness, meeting real needs.

Core Values

Right where we live, work and worship,
we will strive to:

  • Live a life of integrity and accountability before God and men,
  • Practice what we believe and say
  • Demonstrate the life and character of Christ at work in us.

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